Welcome to my new presence on the web. 

My main purpose in establishing this site is to facilitate publishing my genealogy (and family history) while some of my aunts and uncles are still around.  I was just getting ready for that when, in 2004, what I perceived as a crisis at Morningside Gardens impelled me to run for the board of directors.  Now I'm free once again. 

I welcome feedback -- click on my name in the footer and send me an email.

My family history (and genealogy) begins with the Preface. I urge you to read it. Then you can go directly to the actual genealogy pages.

I  have now also a private page that includes living relatives. If you are a relative, write or call me for information on the user name and password..

I am grateful to John Cardinal for his program Second Site and for his Family History Hosting which have made it easy for me to recreate a web presence apart from my blogs. My principal blog is Morningsider and is largely personal, with somewhat of a focus on The Episcopal Church and a recent side trip into local matters at Morningside Gardens, the co-op I call home in New York City.  I also have a genealogy blog that links to these pages.

For years I had a site at Geocities devoted to tips about using the program The Master Genealogist (TMG) . There was also a sub-site on Alexander Pope's Dunciad. When Geocities folded about two years  ago, these sites disappeared  I hope eventually to restore and update both of these, but not in the immediate future. (Meanwhile, you can see them in a restored but frozen state at either of two sites that have undertaken to restore and preserve Geocites pages: oocities and reocities.)

I am trying to make this site using as little direct coding as possible but instead letting Second Site do the work.  If I fumble along the way, I crave your indulgence.

Again, the Preface is here and the actual genealogy pages are here.  Enjoy and don't forget to give me feedback.

Allen Mellen