This advice is often given to beginning genealogists: Start with yourself and then move on the your parents, and so on.  I do that here.

Much of my life is associated with a summer place at Heart Lake in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. When I was 22 my parents told me that I had been conceived at Heart Lake. From my first summer whenI was a few months old, I have spent ar least part of a day here virtually every summer, and for 55 of the last 75 years, a good deal more than part of a day. The only summers I am certain I didn't get here at all are the two summers we lived in Hawaii – 1947 and 1948.  (We went to Hawaii n September, 1946, and returned to Binghamton in May, 1949.)

Around 1980 Liz and I began coming here for part of the summer, and starting in 1982 we began staying in the Mead cottage next door, which we then bought in 1987. In the cottage, my great aunt Esther (Goodrich) Mead had a great deal of family memorabilia from both her mother's and her father's families, including data accumulated by her mother, Grace A. (Dayton) Goodrich. Finding that material was what started me on this project, about thirty years ago.

I knew that my mother's family had been coming to Heart Lake since she was a  child, but it wasn't until I started looking at Aunt Esther's papers that I fully grasped that Esther's father, my mother's grandfather, was born less than two miles from here.  So...

... this story properly begins at Heart Lake, in Susquehanna County in northeast Pennsylvania.

But first a word about what to expect.  There are two parts to the site -- narrative pages and genealogy pages.  I urge you to begin with the narrative pages, starting here

As to the data, as I noted above, I have been working on this project for nearly thirty years. When I began, I was a rank novice. I entered my data into a word processor file, in a variation of Register format. I did not record my sources. When I got my first genealogy program, Brothers Keeper, I converted the word processor file in a Gedcom by hand, and saved it as a text file which I imported into Brothers Keeper, still listing no sources. Since then I have moved through Family Origins and then on to TMG v3. Somewhere along the way, in the early 1990s, I merged a couple of other people's Gedcoms, also without sources, into my data – a thing I would never do now. These days I am slowly entering sources for old data and sourcing all new data.

For now, I am publlishing my data as is, even as I improve both the formatting and the sourcing and as I make corrections. 

The data includes the Brink and Goodrich side of my family, that is all of the ancestors and cousins of Ruth (Goodrich) Brink and Victor Hathaway Brink and their sisters and brothers, insofar as I have information.  The data now also includes the Mellen side of my family, that is the ancestors and cousins of my father Ethan Mellen and his sisters and brother, insofar as I know them.  Finally, I have added what I have on the the Dudley and Hanson families of my stepdaughter.  With a very few exceptions, the data on these pages omits living people.

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