This site began with a focus on the descendants of Manzer Judson Goodrich and his three wives and the spouses of those descendants. It also includes ancestors of Manzer and of his first wife Jenny Permelia, as well as many other descendants of their ancestors. Most living people are excluded; some limited information on Manzer's five living great-grandchildren and their spouses is included, as well as information on other living aunts and uncles of people in my generation.

While the accompanying text is still focused on the Goodrich-Dayton side, I have now extended the site to include all of my ancestors (on my father's side as well as my mother's side) and their descendants, insofar as I have data on them, and Jane Dudley's ancestors and their descendants, again insofar as I have data on them.

There is an indication on the person page if the person is a relative of Earl Ashton Goodrich, Grace Alison (Dayton) Goodrich, Victor Brink, Ethan Mellen, Richard Ewing Hanson, Margery Frances (Day) Hanson, or Bronson Dudley.  You will see that some people are relatives of more than one of them. 

There are also a number of people included who are not relatives, but the in-laws of relatives, or even the in-laws of in-laws, as well as the ancestors and descendants of those in-laws, and so on.  You can ignore them or not as you wish. I will be clarifying their connection in future updates.

I have been working on this project for about thirty years, using The Master Genealogist (TMG) for about fifteen of those years, but there are still a number of data entry errors and perhaps some factual errors. My source citations are sketchy -- write me for details.

This is a work in progress;  I will be improving it regularly.

I urge you to start with the Foreword. If you have already read it, you can start with the indexes or go directly to one of the persons linked above.  Bookmark any page you would like to come back to quickly.

I welcome feedback. Send me an email.

Allen Mellen